Festive wreaths and seasonal gifts

Check with the florist to see what is available this year in both categories ( exact detail changes from year to year)


Living Cards

A favourite for Mother’s Day and other special occasions with your choice of flowers or particular colour theme.


Chinese Lanterns

Why not go for these unique flowers – they will form a central theme to any bouquet or arrangement


Floral Baskets

An ideal and versatile gift with flowers, seasonal bulbs etc


Cactii + other exotics

Long lasting – low maintenance plants, often sporting a colourful display when in flower – species in stock may vary so best to check with the florist in good time.



Lillies, in colours ranging from pure white to this beautiful summer yellow variety, can be the central feature of a bouquet or arrangement, or by themselves – either way a classic!


Exotic Plants and flowers

With 2 to 3 days or more notice, we can procure – subject to availability – your choice of exotic flowers or plants from a vast range offered by our Dutch supplier, delivered direct from Holland the night before you pick up your purchase or have it delivered to you.


Silk Flowers

Although we pride ourselves in working with fresh, premium quality flowers, we can also provide a full range of silk flowers – an arrangement of which would provide a long-lasting, maintenance free gift.

Get In Contact Today To Discuss Your Requirements And Any Questions You May Have To Ask!